Peritoneal Pull Through Surgery

The following links are to photos of patients who have had Peritoneal Pull Through Procedures (PPT) with Dr. Wittenberg. Patients' anatomy differ, as does their healing abilities. Therefore, it is important to understand that these photos are representations of each individual's results and not indicative of what a prospective patient will receive. However, patients with similar medical histories, anatomy, and healing abilities may expect similar results.


Peritoneal  grafts do not have extensive or longterm results available.


People interested in this procedure tend to have colon lining as their sole option for vaginal lining. They have already had a penile inversion technique but have lost depth and need a salvage procedure; they have been on blockers, have had trauma, or were born with inadequate amount of skin for skin grafting techniques; or are gender diverse and desire to keep their penis, as well as, having a vagina.

We are now offering this technique for patients who would like a primary vaginoplasty with the additional peritoneal graft for the vagina.

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