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Nonbinary Surgical Options

Includes but not limited to: 
Gender Expansive, Gender Diverse, Gender Fluid, Bigenital, Salmacian, Aphrodisian, XenoGender, Gender Non-Conforming

Individualized surgeries are performed after consultation and discussion of a person's goals. Discussion of depth of vagina, graft availability, desires for external appearances, and amount of skin available for all the above goals, along with what is surgically possible, are detailed in depth as part of consultations.

The following links are to photos of patients who have had surgery with Dr. Wittenberg. Patients' anatomy differ, as does their healing abilities. Therefore, it is important to understand that these photos are representations of each individual's results and not indicative of what a prospective patient will receive. However, patients with similar medical histories, anatomy, and healing abilities may expect similar results.


Dr. Bonnington also performs penile preservation vaginoplasty, minimal depth vaginoplasty and nullification surgeries.  Photos can be seen on his dedicated photos page.


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