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Scheduling Surgery

During your consultation or follow up visit, we review your medical/surgical history and perform a physical exam, followed by an in-depth discussion of surgery, if indicated.  Within one week of most consultations, you should be contacted via email by our OR scheduler. Once you have submitted the required letters requested by insurance and WPATH, a surgery date can be secured.

Starting about 3 months before your surgery, we will contact your insurance company to start the authorization process. You will then be contacted with pre-op and post-op appointments, and you will also receive pre-op/post-op instructions and other related paperwork. Please do not make non-refundable travel plans, as insurance does not allow authorization prior to 90 days before surgery, and the occasional instances of insurance glitches can arise that require rescheduling surgery.


  • Insurance companies require all letters be dated within 12-months of your surgical date. Please make sure all your letters are signed and dated by your providers.

  • Surgeries are scheduled by first having a discussion with your surgeon. Your surgeon will then contact the OR scheduler and notify them on what procedures to schedule. 

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