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Dr. Wittenberg specializes in minimally invasive urogynecology, genitourinary surgery, pelvic reconstructive surgery and gender confirmation surgery. She has been a practicing surgeon in California since 1999. She received her undergraduate education at UC Berkeley, as well as a Masters in Physiology and medical degree from Chicago Medical School. After 10 years of training in Chicago and at Johns Hopkins, she created the original Comprehensive Pelvic Medicine & Continence Center at California Pacific Medical Center. She has since developed the Comprehensive Pelvic Center at Pacific Gynecology & Obstetrics Medical Group office and then became Director of the Urogynecology Center of San Francisco. In 2013, she was in the vanguard of first board certified specialists in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery specialists. The American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopy recognized her in 2017 as a founding surgeon at The California Pacific Medical Center Minimally Invasive Gynecology Center of Excellence due to her laparoscopic and robotic laparoscopic volume and outcomes. Because of her history of performing trans-masculine laparoscopic & robotic hysterectomies, as well as cis-gender vaginoplasties, Dr. Wittenberg was recruited to train further with an intensive fellowship with reconstructive plastics surgeons and reconstructive urologists to perform gender affirmation surgeries of vaginoplasties and full metoidioplasties. Since her additional training, she now focuses 100% on gender affirmation surgery.  Currently, she is the Director of MoZaic Care Inc, Co-Director of the first Center of Excellence Gender Confirmation Surgery Center at Greenbrae Surgery Center as of 1/2019, and appointed a Master Surgeon of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology 6/2019. This designation is granted from a non-profit, patient safety organization that looks at volume, complications and outcomes- the Surgical Review Corporation.

in 2021, Dr Wittenberg became the Medial Director of the Gender Institute at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, the Chief of Surgery there too and was the founding surgeon & director for the first national and international hospital to be designated Center of Excellence in Gender Affirmation Surgery is Saint Francis Memorial Hospital.

While newer locations are cobbling together teams for surgery, due to her extensive background in pelvic reconstructive surgery, experience, and training, Dr Wittenberg is the surgeon for every portion of the procedures offered. 

WPATH Speaker at Discussions on Gender Affirmation: Surgery and Beyond 5/30-6/1/19 & USPATH 11/2/2021

Dr. Wittenberg has traveled on surgical missions to Guatemala and surgical missions in San Francisco for the underserved. For this latter work, she received the Congressional Operations Access Unsung Hero Award in 2011. She earned a second Congressional Award 9/28/19 in recognition of innovative spirit, professional success, and commitment to giving back to the community in a way that supports youth development.


Dr. Wittenberg offers gender expansive procedures for gender expansive, fluid, non-conforming/ non-binary patients.

She also performs minimally invasive hysterectomy, oopherectomy, vaginectomy, metoidoplasty, urethroplasty, scrotoplasty for transmasculine patients.

She performs vaginoplasty, other genitourinary surgeries, robotic peritoneal pull through procedures for transfeminine individuals.

Dr Wittenberg has performed over 200 vaginoplasties. In 2017-18, she completed over 80 surgeries, which averages to about 2 vaginoplasties per week. High volume specialized surgeons often have better outcomes. In addition, Dr. Wittenberg has a unique skillset in combined robotic, laparoscopic, and pelvic surgery, allowing her to offer peritoneal pull through vaginoplasties and gender non-conforming surgeries. Due to her surgical background, she performs the entire listed procedures, including peritoneal pull through surgery, from start to finish. 

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An SRC accreditation is an honor bested upon healthcare providers committed to establishing and maintaining a culture of excellence. SRC accredited providers are dedicated to continuous quality improvement. Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) is an independent, nonprofit, patient -safety organization that works diligently on your behalf. You are our #1 priority.

Each candidate for accreditation is rigorously inspected to help ensure that you receive: 

  • Safer prodedures

  • Exception care before, during and after surgery

  • Fewer complications

  • Better overall surgical experience

While accreditation represents excellence, it does not guarantee perfection. As with any surgical procedure, there are associated risks and complications. Patients must do their part by following their doctors' orders to achieve desired outcomes.

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Dr. Adam Bonnington specializes in gender-affirming surgery for transfeminine, transmasculine, and non-binary individuals.  He was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and attended the University of Michigan for his undergraduate education, where he studied General Biology and Women’s Studies: Gender and Health.  After two years with the Teach For America program in Newark, New Jersey, he returned to the University of Michigan for medical school, where he graduated with a Distinction in Service and was honored with the Doctor Jack LeRoy Bush Scholarship.  He then completed his residency training at the University of California, San Francisco.  During his residency training he served as the Wellness Chief and participated in the STEP UP program which emphasizes training on care for underserved and marginalized communities.  After residency, Dr. Bonnington trained as a surgical fellow under Dr. Wittenberg at Mozaic Care, Inc. to perform gender-affirming surgery.  His surgical training included penile inversion vaginoplasty, peritoneal pull through vaginoplasty, orchiectomy, and vaginoplasty revision surgery. He also specializes in transmasculine hysterectomy and removal of ovaries.  Currently, he is a surgical associate at Mozaic Care, Inc.

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Megan McCaleb, Physician Assistant, graduated from Touro University in 2016 with dual degrees as a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies (MSPAS) and a Master of Public Health (MPH). By integrating both her interest in community health and individual wellness, Megan recognizes and treats not only individuals presenting for care, but their larger community context. After becoming board certified in 2016, she worked for over three years in the world of male infertility. Though she loved working with her patients and bringing happiness to couples struggling to conceive, she felt called to a different field. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, she wanted to find a way to support this group. Joining MoZaic Care allowed her to marry her love for surgery with her interest in supporting and caring for the LGBTQ+ community. In her spare time you can find her playing outside with her wife and baby girl, cooking, reliving her glory days playing collegiate rugby for Santa Clara University, or trying to make people laugh and see the humor in this crazy life.

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