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Office hours: 415-395-9895

Fax: 415-395-9897

After hours: 855-638-7424


45 Castro St, Suite 324

San Francisco, CA  94114


Mon - Fri: 830am - 4:30pm

Closed for lunch: 12pm - 1pm

Gender Realignment Surgery (GRS)

Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS)

Transgender Surgery San Francisco 

SRS San Francisco

Peritoneal Pullthrough


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Please bring with you the following:

  • Completed and signed new patient forms, unless previously emailed/faxed.

  • Government ID and copy of your insurance card/s.

What to expect:

  • Duration of first visit: approximately 30-60 minutes

  • The surgeon will review your surgical goals and your medical/surgical history.

  • A physical exam will then be performed.

  • Surgical discussion including risks and benefits of surgery which will be reviewed in detail.

  • If surgery is desired and deemed safe by the surgeon, you will be contacted within a week by the OR scheduler.

  • Please have your letters ahead of time. This is required prior to surgery; and is recommended prior to your consultation.


  • These are convenient but not ideal.

  • In person evaluation provides more accurate assessments and estimations of what to expect with surgery.

  • Some patients may experience frustration with the discordance between what they were told on the phone versus what they are told after an in-person evaluation. Please understand that this may happen if a phone consultation is elected. Our preference is an in-person office consultation.

  • Phone consultations may be scheduled with some exceptions.