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Vaginoplasty Etc 
Genitourinary Surgery

Vaginoplasty is the first and oftentimes the only step in vaginal reconstruction. Dr. Wittenberg offers both the penile inversion and peritoneal pull through technique. In addition, minimal and individualized depth vaginoplasty are also performed. Further reconstruction of the vagina and external genitalia may be required in some patients due to variations in anatomy and healing.


Examples include:

  • Labial reconstruction; labioplasty

  • Clitoral reconstruction

  • Prolapse repair

  • Urethral reconstruction 

  • Vaginal stenosis repair

Dr Wittenberg performs these surgeries, and uniquely specializes in robotic and laparoscopic surgeries. This allows Dr. Wittenberg to offer peritoneal pull through vaginoplasties.


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