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Vaginoplasty: Tunica Vaginalis Lining

Tunica Vaginalis: What is this? This is a clear membranous (serous) tissue that covers the testes and spermatic cord. This lining is a remnant of peritoneal lining from fetal development that moved with the testes as they moved out of the abdominal cavity into the scrotal sacs.

Who is a candidate for this lining?
Someone who does not have enough donor skin tissue for penile inversion lining, including congenitally insufficient tissue, scarring or trauma.
Someone who cannot have an abdominal procedure to harvest peritoneal lining.
Someone who wants to have an alternative lining that is more minimally invasively harvested.

Who is NOT a candidate?
Someone who has had an orchiectomy already.

We do not have long term data or information for tunica vaginalis.
To date, we have not had any graft failures.
We do not know about amount of vaginal lining moisture for tunica vaginalis but will keep you updated.

Tunica Vaginalis on right side and the small amount of skin available for Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty. Note that varying thickness of Tunica Vaginalis depends on adipose/fat tissue content so tissue varies from individual to individual. Also, amount of skin, if any available, can be added into the vaginal lining- this also depends on individual anatomy and individual decision.
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